Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Team has ARRIVED!

We have a team of four starting the year off in Perm, Russia!  While it is quiet the climate change from what we are use to here in Texas, we go to share Christ's love. For those in the bitterness of winter to be warmed by HIS word.

We received our first message from one of our team members:

Hey friends! Just wanted to check in from Perm. We made it safe and were blessed by safe travel, on time flights (sort of) and a practically empty plane from Frankfurt to Perm so we were able to stretch out and get a little rest before arriving. Yesterday (this morning your time) was Brads weekly Tuesday night Bible study. We had a great turn out and met lots of new people. We saw several of our friends we made this past summer as well. It hit 0 degrees yesterday and the snow is beautiful! Everyone keeps telling us that the weather is very mild right now...much warmer than usual!
Our study last night was over mans way versus Gods way and choosing what is right. We all know how hard choosing Gods way over our own can be sometimes so please pray that those who heard last night were either encouraged or intrigued to learn more.  Today we will go to an orphanage and play games and hopefully tell Bible stories to the kids. Please pray that they allow us to share Jesus openly!
For those of you who came to Perm this summer, our Russian friends miss you and say hello! For those of who haven't come please pray about joining us this next summer! It's truly a fantastic experience. I'll try to update more as the week goes on! Thanks for prayers. 
Please continue to pray for this team and for the many hearts to be softened by God's great love.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

First time volunteer...

We asked one of our first time mission volunteers to say a little something about his experience from Russia this past summer. I think his response was very moving and explains why God is calling us overseas to share his word:

What impacted me most about my first mission trip was that I'd always wondered why mission trips were being taken in other I completely understand. There are so many in other countries that receive minimal, if any, messages about God and how He impacts their lives. Most live with little hope. Then, to be able to tell them about ever-lasting perfect eternal life with God, you can begin to see a glimmer of hope developing within them. I know this experience brought me even closer to my God.

Jake Atchley
August 2010 Volunteer

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Prayer Requests

Here are a few recent requests from our friend Brad.

*Please pray for Brad's friend who has been a Christian for a year. He is struggling with alcohol addiction. They are trying to get him into rehab.

*A young man from our English camp who was given a Bible and has been reading it with Brad. He has finished the new testament an gave his gifted Bible to a friend who will start reading the bible with Brad soon. Brad also drove 5 hours one way with this student to give his mother a Bible. She has started reading the Bible as well. Please pray that these three Russians would become believers and would continue to spread God's word.

*A girl who had decided to start reading the Bible with Janet, one of the missionaries decided she didn't have time to do it after all. Please Pray that something in her schedule would open up so that she will have time.

*Janet has been spending time with another girl who was at our camp. Janet is hoping to try to start reading the Bible with her. Pray for an opportunity for Janet to invite her to read.


Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our blog! We wanted a place that we could share about our trip experiences to Perm, Russia. And in doing so, we hope others at FBCH get excited about the opportunities of going and sharing Christ's love. While hosting an English camp for college aged students, you get the opportunity to share your faith and life, as well as build new friendships and have fun! We want this blog to also share prayer concerns or praises when any come along, and hope you pray for those things listed when the need arises.   

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Many Blessings!